New York, N.Y. – Theta Delta Sigma Society, Inc. condemns the terror attack which took place in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend. This act of violence is a grim reminder of the fragility of our democratic society.

We join civil rights organizations and others in denouncing the hatred and white supremacy we saw on display, and we recognize that this tragedy is not an isolated incident, but rather the manifestation of centuries of systemic violence, racism, and antisemitism in this country. The liberties that we enjoy provide the freedom of speech that allows “Unite the Right” and other similar groups to express themselves. However, we must, just as vigorously and peacefully, make it clear that hatred and bigotry have no place in our society. As members of this democracy, we all have a responsibility to speak out and stand firm against bigotry and injustice. As an organization committed to multiculturalism and inclusion, we know that a threat to one of us is a threat to us all, and we stand in solidarity with communities of color, including those who live in the intersections between our communities.

We hold in our hearts those who were injured or killed standing up to bigotry, and their families. To all our community members were personally impacted or are feeling shaken or unsafe as a result of this violence–as well as the systemic violence that people of color and religious minorities face every day–we say: you are not alone. You belong. You matter. We are committed to a world where all people are united and embraced as their authentic selves. We will not stop until we get there.

Founded in 2001, Theta Delta Sigma Society, Inc. is a national organization built upon the values of leadership, diversity, unity, and respect. Since inception, Theta Delta Sigma has been a partner in the fraternal movement, an advocate for equality, and a recognized contributor to raising multicultural awareness. We are committed to a world where all people are united and embraced as their authentic selves. For more information, please contact:


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